EN / Mia Smart Anti-Aging and Cleansing Skincare Device. Revolutionary 3-in-1 App Connected Beauty Device.


Mia Smart is best anti-aging and cleansing device that gently exfoliates, minimizes the appearance of pores, firms skin, reduces under-eye puffiness, and flawlessly blends foundation. Clinically proven to help you achieve healthy, younger-looking skin.


Mia Smart Benefits:

- Removes dirt, oil and pollution. It even takes off long-wear makeup 89% better than wipes.

- Smaller Pores. In 4 weeks, pores look less visible.

- Customization. App connected and compatible with all applicators for truly personalized routines.

- Firmer Skin & Fewer Wrinkles. Face & neck appear lifted; contours look more defined after 12 weeks.

- Flawless Makeup Blending (applicators sold separately). An airbrush finish in 60 seconds with better coverage than hands & sponges.

- Younger-Looking Eyes. Visibly reduces puffiness; smooths the look of fine lines around the eye area.


What`s Included: Clarisonic Mia Smart Device, Radiance Facial Cleansing Brush Head, USB Charging Stand, User guide, 1-year warranty.


RU / Устройство для ухода за кожей лица Clarisonic Mia Smart. Устройство 3 в 1 можно синхронизировать с приложением, чтобы загрузить в него индивидуальные программы по уходу за кожей. 


Очищающая щетка, работающая на технологии звуковых колебаний, имеет вибрирующую головку, которая эффективно удаляет макияж, загрязнения и солнцезащитный крем. Инновационное устройство, использующее колебания звуковых волн, обеспечивает эффективность очищения до 6 раз выше, чем при очищении вручную: усиливает сияние кожи, сужает поры и способствует лучшему впитыванию ухаживающих средств. 


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Clarisonic Mia Smart

  • Brand Name

    Clarisonic (Pacific Bioscience Laboratories, Inc.)

  • Features

    1. 3 Modes. Daily & Gentle for cleansing. Smart for custom app routines

    2. Runs All Attachments. Cleansing, anti-aging, exfoliation & makeup.

    3. Guider Timer. Cues when to move onto the next facial zone.

    4. Longer Battery Life. 100 minutes of use per charge.

    5. Waterproof. Use it in the shower, bath or sink.
  • How to Use

    1. Pair with the Clarisonic app. Connect to the Clarisonic app and pair your device to sync custom skincare routines.
    2. To attach brush head turn clockwise and push down.
    3. Wet and add Clarisonic cleanser to brush head. Wet face.
    4. Turn on device and start the 60 second cleansing cycle: 20 secs on forehead, 20 secs on nose & chin, 10 secs on each cheek.
    5. Rinse face and brush head. Pat dry.
  • Recommendation

    We recommend to change your brush head every 3 months.

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